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An adaption of the Bram Stoker novel, written and directed by Cruz Flores. To support the podcast go to ko-fi.com/dracularadio

October 12, 2020

Act III: Seward Sanitarium

While Mina travels to Jonathan, Lucy stays with her future husband, Dr. John Seward at his sanitarium to treat her mysterious illness. Dr. Seward calls on the help of his mentor, Abraham Van Helsing. The sanitarium also houses Dr. Seward's most troublesome patient Renfield, who is obsessed with blood. He is also the only one who knows what evil lurks right next door.  

Act II Cast

Narrator: Patrick McNamara 

Dr. John Seward: Jason Miles

R.M. Renfield: Naathan Phan

Lucy Westenra: Hayley Jackson

Mina Murray: Devin Nissan

Jonathan Harker: James Worth

Abraham Van Helsing: Rick Reischman

Quincey Morris: Jacob Williamson

Sound Editor: Shereen Khan

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